Lightbox within a Lightbox

Hello, using Concrete and I have a few places were I use a content block with a link and that link is a Lightbox link.


In the Area right under the Bread Crumb:
MDI offers Free Shipping on online orders over $150
(Some Restrictions May Apply - Store Policies)

Click the (Some Restrictions May Apply.... )
It is a nice Lightbox, but inside that scroll down a little and you'll see: return form "pdf.gif" here. MDI does not accept used items...
Click "here."

So, that Lightbox opens in the other Lightbox. Is there a way to make a link close the Lightbox and open a new one?

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Short answer: yes but it would require some coding.

I'm wondering though, why would you want to d that? As it is right now it offers the best flexibility. The popups work well together and by closing the second one I'm back where I left off in the first one.

By closing one when opening the other you would force your users to re-open it if they didn't finish reading. Maybe that's not the best user experience?
mdius replied on at Permalink Reply
You have a good point here.

Then I guess I won't worry about it. There is another place I'd like to have it close it, but not too worried about it right now.

Thank you
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
I think your problem will be that the content of both lightboxes uses iframes. There are severe browser security restrictions on a script in a iframe doing anything in the parent of the iframe.

As @mnakalay says, best to leave as-is.