New Design choice not saving

I am running the latest version of C5 on Dreamhost, and although I have a few sites running there, a new one is giving me trouble.

When Dreamhost installed the site, it only has a Design of "Right Sidebar". I created a few blank pages without knowing this. When I saw that each page was a "Right Sidebar" design type, I went to change it and found only one Design type there. So I added a "Full" screen type in Dash, and tried to edit the page I was working on to take the new Design type. While it gives no errors when I save the changes to the Design, it doesn't take the change and leaves it in the original Design style.

Any clues why this is happening?



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olliephillips replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Check your theme. For presentational use of page types, you'll need specific .php files in there which match the page types you are trying to add in the dashboard. Otherwise everything will be getting displayed with default.php

Hope that helps, let us know.
dstrickler replied on at Permalink Reply
It does - thanks - I'll test it out and let you know on this thread.
dstrickler replied on at Permalink Reply
Wahoo! That fixed it! THANK YOU!

I had renamed the Design "Full" to "Full Page" and that broke the link between it as you pointed out.

Thanks so much for your help!