Prevent the root page permissions to be set as inherited


I inadvertently set the root page permissions field "Assign Permissions" to "By Area of Site (Hierarchy)".

An alert said me it would be effective immediately (I don't remember the exact message).

I clicked OK, then... the void.
The page tree in the admin's sitemap page, was totally empty, and I was not able to switch to another section.

I finally managed to restore database from a backup, but it could be a good idea to not let a page inherit permissions from its parent if it has no parent.

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radeff replied on at Permalink Reply

Thanks for the info, good to know... if it's confirmed

How did you do that horrible manipulation ;-)

Tried to reproduce it on a c5, version 8.4.5 (so it is not the latest), in the sitemap but I didn't see any similar options, both on normal and advanced permissions

Can you tell us which is your version number? I hope this was a bug fixed in a later version