printable docs

Is there a printable PDF style documents for editing.

I have not used the newer V7+ before and there are lots of changes in C5 to try and digest.

would be great if I did not need to sit at my computer to learn it all

out on my lawn chair in the sun, reading and absorbing info and sun better idea I think.

Besides the sun glare on my laptop hurts.

Please advise where i could download to print


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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Ryan

Does this doc version cover most everything from C5 V7+. and upward. I hv the latest C5 V8.45+ installed with my web host so I want to make certain I can use and learn with this version

Hv scraped everything 5.6 etc. boy lots of great C5 V 5.6++ add ons and theme packs wasted. but I think/hope more advanced C5 will be better in long run.

Ryan just to be certain. Are any of the old C5 V5.6 type add ons still usable/install with C5 V 8.45++ OR just into the C5 scrap heap?????

Please advise then if good i buy dig prob over weekend

Mike R
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
The quick start guide with +5.7 on the cover is going to be a little out of date in terms of things like the screenshots for v8, but for the most part the instructions would be the same.

A v8 version of that guide is available here:
You can either hit the green Read button to view it online, or hit the button to download the PDF. I'd recommend viewing this one over the 5.7+ one.

For completeness the 'source' for this book is stored here:

5.6 add-ons are not directly compatible with 5.7 and V8, there were significant (and in my opinion worthwhile) structural changes with 5.7. Whilst I agree there's some loss from this update, a lot of the code could be updated and re-used in create 5.7+ versions, and I'd argue that a lot of the themes probably needed to be updated to be mobile responsive to meet common practice these days.

5.7 came out in 2014, and version 8 came out in 2017, so 5.6.x is very much a legacy platform now.
blackadder replied on at Permalink Reply

So I downloaded and printed the PDF file file C5 V8+ updates

This PGF file was only 18 pages in size. For C5 doc I was Expected a lot more based on what I am seeing online at the C5 website under documentation.

Now am I missing something here???? Do I still need to get and download the PDF of your C5 V5.7++ docs and then basically combine them both to get the full PDF documentation for C5 Versions 5.7 thru V8++

Please advise so I can be certain I am learning correctly.

Building my new site as I go.

Thx for your patience
Mike R
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
That is a starter doc. The full docs site is at with a lot more on it. (Even so, the full docs could be a lot more complete, especially the developer docs)