single file upload on win2003 with iis

Has anyone been able to upload with the single or flash uploader? everthing seems to work great but the upload. I can upload with other php cms with not problem, so i dont think its a security issue, but not sure. Any place to look for why it seems to upload but nothing goes in the the db or file system would be helpful.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
The flash uploader is pretty unreliable unfortunately - which we're trying to address...

what happens when u use the single file uploader? Do you get any error messages?
wizardontherun replied on at Permalink Reply
same think i browse for an image, tried many, click upload, looks like its doing it, the the lower page looks like its going to display, and nothing, no errors, i check the event log and the www log, and nothing. I do have the system on line and open to your use if you think it would help.
indisbaltic replied on at Permalink Reply

Found your message and having the same prob. C5 works smoothly on our win2k3 server, but I am unable to single upload any type of file. Interestingly, when I try the multi file uploader, it only works if I choose two files, of which the second one is a png file, and in fact only the 2nd one is actually uploaded to the server. And it appears in the file manager, so I sense the rights on files dir are okay. But how to get the single file upload working?
nando replied on at Permalink Reply
I am using IIS on a W2K3 Server,
PHP upload is all on
All the folders have read and write permissions.

When trying to upload a single file it produces an "Upload Error" "Invalid File", with the multiple files the message is (0) files successfully uploaded.

Tried kml, png, jpg all small files, with the same results. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated
ofc2logic replied on at Permalink Reply
I guess this was never solved?

Another promising open source product with no community support...

I have the same problem.
wizardontherun replied on at Permalink Reply
this has been resolved for some time, I have a windows 2003 and no problem with any file uploads of any type files.
so the code base is good., may be something else
nando replied on at Permalink Reply
I solved it by applying writing permissions to the Temp folder (C:/Winows/Temp)