Text formatted in editing box not displaying correctly.

I'm a newcomer to concrete5, and having real difficulty getting started.

I copied some text and an image into a box in 'Edit' mode, and eventually got it to line up neatly. When I revert to viewing the page as a whole I find that the text is now no longer fitting neatly alongside the image, but the lines truncate, leaving alternate long and short lines of text and the whole now a shambles alongside the image. Can any one point me at a way to improve on or avoid this?

I'd also like to change the sizes of the boxes on the page and their placement. I found a command to put the sidebar on the other side of the page, but nothing I did would implement the asked-for change.
I found no way to change the size of the boxes, however.

The page in question is here:


Best, T.

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julia replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
HI Tony - thanks for opening a new forum thread for this topic. I took a quick look at your home page and that text wrapping around the image, and it looks like all kinds of junk code including line breaks got copied along with the text. I suggest removing it and trying again, but this time, before you paste the text in, click the "paste as text" button in the toolbar--it's the 4th icon over from the top--and then paste your text.

If all else fails, you can edit the HTML directly--click on the HTML icon in the toolbar and then manually delete all those "br" tags and style tags.

In terms of changing sizes of the areas on the page, you'll need to edit/change the theme or pagetype. From the edit toolbar at the top of the page, click on the design link. That will let you switch to any of the other page types or themes that were installed by default. If you don't like what's there, you can go to the marketplace and look for themes (some are free) that have the areas sized the way you want them.

If you are new to concrete5, you should check out this Getting Started Guide to get a feel for how things work:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/getting-started/...
tonyjackson3 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Julia,
*Most* helpful answer!
I experimented on a panel of text and achieved this, just as you describe.

On the panel I originally had trouble with I was less successful, as the obvious serif face available is Times, and the allowed sizes are either too big or too small. I set it into 'Edit HTML source (button on bottom row,second from left) and edited the HTML to retain the Palatino typeface, and to remove extraneous code as you suggested.

Waste of time, as there was no way to shrink the editing panel thus generated sufficiently to permit me to return to the general edit level. A bigger screen, perhaps, but...

As to the sizes of the boxes - I tried, earlier, to get the sidebar to move to the right. The instruction seemed to be received, but the sidebar remained where it was. Do I understand that it is not imaginable to have control over how wide these panels are? Or can I in principle set this with a Style Sheet?

Much thanks for your efforts!
julia replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Tony,

To change the sidebar from left to right, go to the edit toolbar at the top of the page and click on the Design link. Then select the page type with the sidebar on the right. You will see the change immediately, but you have to publish the page to apply the change to the live site.

Here's some information on all the design things you can change through the CMS:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/general-topics/how-a-page-lo...

Yes, you can change the widths of the areas by editing the CSS. Here's some information on how to customize a core theme:http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/editors/customize-a-...
tonyjackson3 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Julia,

You are a star!

I woke up this morning with a D'oh!

All I need to do to be able to save the changes is to Command-'-', which shrinks the screen, and then I can see and use the buttons!

I've made a start on this this morning, but must rush out now, my best friend just lost his wife and I'm ferrying him around etc.

I'll have a go at the box sizes later, with much more confidence than before. Very much thanks again!

Best, T.
cryophallion replied on at Permalink Reply
All the extraneous code may have come from pasting from MS products. They are notorious for insane extra code they paste over (I one found 1000 characters used for a 5 character paste).
There is a "paste from word" option in the tinymce settings that you might want to enable to ensure you and your customers don't run into this again. After that, you can just add your text styling from a class.
tonyjackson3 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi cryophallion,

Yes, essentially that was it, although MS wasn't the culprit in this case. I had to choose a fresh face initially (until I figured how to get the original back). In so doing Concrete seems to have put multiple instances of the face-change in the text, plus some other clutter. I still have to create a bit of white space between the text and the image, but I feel like I'm under way...

Much thanks for your input!

Best, T.