Updates to .less files not being read (C5 8.4.3)

Short version: Our developer (a couple of years ago) said to change the height of the banners on our site just to change values in custom.less is the theme css directory and gave me the line numbers for the main page and the inner pages. Now when I change those values, nothing updates. I've reached out to him, but no response after repeated attempts.

Site ishttp://www.ai-maxtools.com

More details: I'm using C5 8.4.3 with Supermint 3 theme (which I purchased at the time -- now it appears to be free), which he customized during development. I've seen some other threads where the .less files in a theme (various themes) were not getting read unless the theme is changed and then changed back.

I'm a bit paranoid, as I don't want to break anything (and if I change away and change back and it doesn't work, that would be bad...)

Unfortunately, looking at the theme page, it appears that now it's essentially non-supported and causes lots of problems for folks trying to start new. So I want to be as careful as possible (especially since our developer seems to have gone missing).

Any thoughts? I know enough to be dangerous, but am not a wizard at this stuff. The site could use a refresh, but that's a whole different set of decisions (cost, stay with c5 or change, etc).

Thanks in advance!

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VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi There,

Have you tried clearing the Concrete5 and browser cache?

Best regards

avsfan replied on at Permalink Reply
I thought I had done that, but this time it appears to have worked! Not sure why it didn't before...

Thanks much!

Now to decide whether to keep/update/migrate... :)

Thanks again!