Versioning and rolling back to previous versions

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Hi, this is for the Concrete5 team.

Versioning in concrete is a little bit non-intuitive. When i approve an old version, i don't see the old version. I have to log out and then view the page. Then, when i edit again, it still shows the newest version. The only way i can edit the old version is to remove the newest versions (I think.)

Anyway, what if it worked like this: The user would have a button to "Revert" to a previous version. At that point, it makes a copy of the old version, and makes THAT the newest, unpublished version. This way they can view it and edit it if need be BEFORE they republish the old version and they don't ever have to remove old versions (something they probably shouldn't ever do anyway. )

This is similar to how other versioning systems work like SVN and GIT.

Sorry if this has already been asked.


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fregas replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there a place i can put this in as a feature request? Anyone interested?

Also, it would be nice if pages were "soft deleted" and you could see them as old versions. Might was well replicate SVN while you're at it. ;)
andreyman3d2k replied on at Permalink Reply
dstrickler replied on at Permalink Reply
I am looking for something similar - an "undo" command. Now I realize that's a tall order on a web page, but a "revert to the save I did at 10am" would be fine.

The idea is that in C5 (and other software) you can go down an editing path and not realize it's the wrong path for a few versions. By the time you realize you want out, there's no way to go backwards and edit the site you saved a few versions ago.

So yes, I would like that too.