Versions: show published version even to editors?

Hi all

I've noticed that when an editor is signed in, they see the newest version of a page even when a previous version has been published. I'd like the published version to show up for editors too (because one client has many editors in the organisation's intranet, and versioning would be useful there. At the moment it's not, because everyone sees the newest version regardless of what's published). Perhaps this could be combined with one of the top-right notifications saying "Newer versions available" or something similar.

What do you guys think?


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Twoez replied on at Permalink Reply
I would like to respond to this topic, even tho it's an outdated topic.

First of all we're still using and we're not be able to switch any time soon to the newest version of Concrete5. I've seen the option within 5.6.0 which allows people to copy page-versions. Seems like a workaround for me, but it does the job as the copied page-version will always be on top, thus it will be visible, even if you are logged in.

1. Anyhow I would realy like to know why the Concrete5 team choose for this page-version setup.

* page-version #3
* page-version #2 = approved & published
* page-version #1

In my example you see page-version #2 is published/activated. Page-version #2 is visible for non-logged in users, but users who are logged in will still see page-version #3.

2. Is this going to be changed in the nearby future?

Issues that occured are:
- Clients are confused, as the rollback of the version is not showing up.
- I can't rollback to a previous version, but modify the page first before I publish it.
- I can't continue editing page-version #2 (see example) as page-version #3 is being shown.

What if:
- Old versions, become new versions? If I re-publish an old version, shouldn't that version be on top?
- You could modify any version you want, before publishing it.

I might have some ideas, but I would like to hear some other ideas from you guys on how to improve the version management. I might be able to contribute to Github if I got some spare time.

Looking forward to any of your replies.