Where is the information a form collects

Our concrete 5 website has a form people fill in when they become members of our organisation. I can't find where that information is stored. The person that build our website has taken off and won't help us. I have looked in every button on the website and can not find any of the information except their login details - none of the other answers they gave on the form. Someone has suggested that I will find the information in Net Virtue, our website hosts but I have looked there and if its there I cant find it. Before asking them about it I thought I would ask the concrete 5 forum.

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Gondwana replied on at Permalink Reply
It depends how this was implented. Try looking in Dashboard - Reports - Form Results.

If nothing, try Dashboard - Members - [username]. This would show custom attributes, which would look like a form when collected.

The actual data will be in the database. I gather you don't really want to know WHERE the data is, but rather how to find out WHAT it is.
MCSDA1 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, as I said I have looked at every button on the website - as in I literally clicked on every single option available - there is no data stored "except their login details - none of the other answers they gave on the form". I know this information is somewhere because we have an external database (there is no database in the website) where a previous person has added these people's answers to but this person is refusing to help us. We are a not for profit charity so we unfortunately rely on people being nice....
katalysis replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you able to give the URL of you site? It might help us to see what is going on.

Do you have full admin access to the concrete5 dashboard? It's possible that it you do not have complete access you're not seeing all the admin pages.