Why is it so difficult to add guest registration V8?

Hi there, after a 7 year sabbatical in creating sites using C5 I jumped back in it using V8 and the Fundamental theme which I think is terrific! I have spent a good amount of time researching how to add guest registration and have yet come up with activating the system registration page and or adding the theme to the login page or adding a simple email newsletter block. All I can find bits and pieces many that don't apply to V8. Then I see a posting that one needs to create a workflow for V8, but not a detailed description as to how. Why should one need to fool with code to apply the theme?

Is there any current documentation that covers this thoroughly? Please excuse if I am missing something that is simple that I am overlooking. Thanks Tim

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hutman replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You can turn on guest registration in the Dashboard -> System & Settings -> Account Options

And just like in previous versions of C5 you have to update a config file to use your theme on the Login and Register pages. You just need to update the application/config/app.php to have this included in the array

'theme_paths' => [
        '/login' => 'THEME_HANDLE',
        '/register' => 'THEME_HANDLE',
MrGrowBizz replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks much for promptly helping me sort this out! Tim