Login as Admin, but site not editable

Hi all, I log in as admin, but the Admin mode and the editing toolbar do not appear. The screen just switches back to the site, and I'm no longer logged in. How do I fix this? Thanks

Suggested Page List Block additions

v8.3.2 Page List block has lots of features, certainly a lot more than the old v5.6. But... Add an option to make the title only display when items are present in the resulting query. If displaying of page thumbnails is enabled, then entries for …

Date Navigation Block does not allow filtering by date

v8.3.2 Maybe I am missing something obvious, but there do not appear to be any settings to filter the block's output by date. I have a news page which uses the Date Navigation block on the side, and Page List block to show news items, filtered by "Bef…

New to this and need help

I have been asked to help a charity with their concrete5 website. We need to change the prices in our membership but I'm told that they usually pay a programmer to do that because it can't be done by an average person. I have a Wix website that I natural…

Create page as child of root

Hello, I am trying to move a site created on another CMS to Concrete5. As such, the URLs have to remain identical. However I cannot seem to find a way to publish a page without slaving it to the home. Thus all url become /index.php/. Is there a way to …

disconnect a project from my account

I have multiple sites building whit my account, now I need to delete one of the sites in my account, but the themes and addons that I bought for that site should remain. What should I do?

Making changes to a template/div

Hi Community I want to change a div in the standard block "Event List", called [code] some text out of the calendar event [/code] The code want to have in the div is [code] show more some text out of the calendar event [/code] I've…


Is it possible to offload resources like images, videos etc. to a different server and use a CDN with Concrete5 at all? I've played around with the settings but I cannot find anything around this and a quick Google turnt up with nothing.

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