Content formatting

I can not figure out why my text content spacing is so off. Please view my site and I have built the content within dreamweaver and notepad to try to remove some of the spacing between lines and I am positive that t…


Is there a way to increase the size of the TinyMCE content box? I am not able to see all of the text as I am editing it. This may not make a lot of sense so I am attaching an image of what I am talking about.

Select box option not working on forms

I am building a form with questions with multiple answer options. If I choose answer type to be "select box" only one answer option shows up upon preview. However, if I choose answer type to be "Radio Buttons" or "Check Box List" all answer options are …

relative paths to images outside files folder

When I add an image through Add Content block and image button, I can see it in editor. But when saved and checking browser, image doesn't show up. What would be right URL to type to show something outside files folder ?

Page Type Not Available

I've added a Page Type of Right Sidebar and I have a template for it. When I try to Add a Page and then Choose Page Type, it does not appear. The Page Type Left Sidebar does show up even after I have deleted it. It's not the permissions.

2 domains with 1 c5 installation and 1 db

If I have 2 domains,, and, and they are both hosted in corresponding folders, /public_html/firstdomain/, and /public_html/seconddomain/, how can I set up mod_rewrite rules so that both of these domains can be fully served …

Sometimes messages dont show in the forum

I dont know if it's right to post it here, but I have the feeling that sometimes messages dont show in the forum for a while and then they appear again. I think it's when they change page.

Different pages

I made a html + css template in dreamweaver localy on my computer. I got my frontpage up as I wanted. But my ABOUT, GALLERY etc. is different looking than the frontpage. But with autonav I'm ending up with the same "Layout" on every page. How can I get my…

secure login

is there a secure login feature for c5? thx b. :)

error trying to move themes to trash

I keep getting the below error, The following errors occurred when attempting to process your request: * Unable to uninstall hobbit theme by moving it to the trash. I have chmod the /files/trash/ folder to 777 and also have tried chown it to…

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