https only woe

hi again, i just upgraded to 5.1.0RC1 from 5.0.0_2, hoping that the file upload issue is fixed. After overwriting the concrete directory, firefox was complaining that it found a [code] Redirect Loop Iceweasel has detected that the server is r…

3 Column Page Type

How do you add a page type that would have 3 columns? I basically would like to see the left nav bar, body, and right nav bar all at the same time.

Add content window is broken!

Hi I've just installed C5 and everything seems to be working except when I add content the text editor doesn't load correctly, all the icons are overlapping and I can't see the buttons very well, although it does actually function its not very easy to use…

Newb question

I know what CMS is, but... can I use it with any site? If I build a site with a tool like Rapidweaver, template based, can I use C5 to 'take it over'? Can I use c5 to make a site from nada? Thanks for helping the newb.

Navigation header: repositioning

The Navigation header appears by default at the top of the page in the theme I'm using. What I'd like to do is have an image at the top of the page, with the navigation links directly below that. Do I need to make a change in my main.css in order to al…

a coupla design questions

i'm working in the default yogurt theme. i'd like to be able to build one page and then save that as a template for new pages; or, be able to save as with a new name and place it where i need it to be. is this possible? as it is now i have to rebuild e…

how do i remove site title?

i'd like to be able to remove it or perhaps edit it's size . . . it's too big for my site. i'm guessing that it's in a php doc that i can edit?? i'm a newbie and have just started working with c5 today so please make your explanation simple. i'm not a …

Adding content block: HTML mode

When I'm in the html mode, there is nothing in my pop-up editor window to allow me to save what I'm entering in this screen. Am I missing something, or is this window solely to view in html mode rather than view/edit and save?

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