Cancel and Update always visible

Just a minor thing but wouldn't it be nice if "Cancel" and "Update" (when you edit a block) are always visible? I'm building a big block which manages 9 tables at the same time (a shop) and scrolling down to save is a bit annoying after the 124th time …

Page versions- rolling back

How do I get rid of the most current version of a page? I can go to my site map and then view the versions of the page and I am allowed to remove the older versions. However, I made a couple of changes that are in the two most current versions of the …

image/document file replace - a useful feature?

Just had to upload a revised image to our C5 website and had an idea for a feature that would be nice to have: update an existing image/document in the "File Manager." Old way: File Manager > upload new image, delete old image, go the the page that use…

Unpublish, or show between two dates

To 'hide' a page while I work on it, I've been using the permissions and have a group setup for viewbeta users. Is there an option which I'm not seeing to publish a page on a particular date, and to have it disappear after another date? I see the …

Check if a user has write privileges

As an admin, I would like to lock down all areas and blocks, except for a few. I think I understand how to do that. My question is this: Inside of a custom block, How can I check to see if a user has 'edit' permissions for that block?

Friendly URLs not so friendly

Hey, Everyone, I'm trying to set up my site to have friendly urls and have run into some issues. I've enabled the setting and put the code into my .htaccess file inside my concrete directory. The root looks fine and have no trouble accessing it. So i tr…

Page path underneath external page

I've got a structure like this /en/ /en/manufacturing (external page) /en/manufacturing/design /en/manufacturing/control the page manufacturing has no content and therefore links to design. this works fine so far but the link of design and con…

Assigning Users to Groups

How is this accomplished? **update** Never mind. I just found it under the user page. Now I have to figure out where the users list is.

Bilingual site?

Hello, can anyone please tell me if it's possible to build a bilingual website out the box. Best wishes Lee

access permission

I want to make registration form and i have question Is it possible to do like this -guest can access page -registered users can not see that page

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