Managing multiple sites in C5

What would be the best way to set up multiple (independent) websites in Concrete5? * Each site would need its own theme (/themes/newtheme). Then it gets less clear: * How would the dashboard sitemap be organized? Would each "site" be a subdirect…

E-mailing form contents

I created a form and setup my e-mail address to have the contents sent to me but never received anything. Is there something I have to enable?

TinyMCE changing "&" to "&"

Hello, I'm trying to use the TinyMCE editor to embed a flash object (its an Mp3 player). I can open the editor, then go edit the HTML source, and paste in the code. The problem is that my swf file needs to have some config vars passed to it, and they …

Internal Server Error?? Installation?

Hey, I am having a problem installing concrete5. After I hit the install button I get a 500 Internal Server Error??? What is causing this, what can I do? Thanks, Nik.


Any suggestions as to the best way to show a breadcrumb to let users know where they are within the navigation. Preferably in a format that looks something like this: Top Page > Sub Page > Sub-sub page

Specifying a parent page when adding a new page

It seems that by default, when you add a page from the front-end, it automatically sets the page as a child of the page you were on when you added the page. Is there any way around this, other than adding pages from the dashboard? Maybe a dropdown box o…

Inserting a table

I'm aware of the fact that the table tab is not that popular anymore but how do I insert a table? A page I'm taking care of contains a lot of number (interest rates, stock prices and stuff like that). For that I need a table? Maybe a table block wou…

Using the plus sign in form question

Was just demonstrating the ease of c5, and used an example of a question for a form as: What is 4 + 3, but the plus sign disappears on save. Not a biggie, I recovered with a 'plus' but perhaps something to look into.

Can't view sitemap

I installed C5 and have been trying to delete all the pages and start fresh (wanna see how that works out) But my sitemap won't show anything, searching doesn't give anything either. I'm running a linux gentoo machine with minimal installation of ph…

Change page order as "user"

I create a second user (beside admin) that's member of the group "editor" which has edit access. When I login with that user, it works fine, I can edit or add a page. But since I don't have access to the dashboard - how can I change the order of th…

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