Man, Concrete5 must hate me or something. I had a problem logging in. Fix that. Then ran into a problem uploading a header image. Now, I get the error message "ERROR 404 - PAGE NOT FOUND" when I log in with the username and password that finally worked…

block on every page

Is there a way to to insert a block on every page or is such a behavior implemented by other parts of concrete (like template-functions in smarty)?

Implement iframes

Does somebody know how i can implement iframes? thanks a lot! greets, anda

Language files

I'm testing C5 now, and I'm impressed so far. Just one question, does C5 support different languages? I would like to translate C5 into Norwegian

forum component?

Ok, so, I feel a little bit dumb, but, I cannot find any "forum" component. Where is it? Thanks, Marco.

Uploading Files

Hello C5 Friends, i just installed C5 and i just love it its so simple and powerfull!!! But as i am just a hobby programmer i have a question. If i want to upload files or images, i add a file press upload - and it looks good. But then there is n…

Comment block

Is there a manual that explains how to change the comment block so that when you're logged in to the forum, you don't have to supply a name, just the comment? Does the comment block check to see whether the name a guest user enters when entering a comm…

Email confirmation when registering

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to turn on email confirmation for the registration form?

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