onIOError With File Uploads

Hi, On trying to upload files through the File Manager I am getting a popup window with the message onIOError. I have double checked the files directory to ensure that the write permissions are set properly.

default theme doesn't work with safari

hello, im running c5 with the default theme. My friend told me that he couldn't navigate through the pages by using Safari. Because of that I installed Safari too to see the problem on my own. With Safari I got the same problem. With IE and Firefox ev…

Add Home Page to NavBar

I've been trying to figure out how to add a Home Page link to the navbar menu of the sample templates. Am I missing something easy here?

site.php file

When installing the software, the database gets stuck with an error of mysql error: [1364: Field 'jDateLastRun' doesn't have a default value] in EXECUTE("INSERT INTO Jobs (jName, jDescription, jDateInstalled, jNotUninstallable, jHandle) VALUES('Index …

Version management

Is there a way to turn of the versioning on saving a page? it is a very nice feature, but using it on a very small site with lots of changes is annoying. Any help?

Managing multiple sites in C5

What would be the best way to set up multiple (independent) websites in Concrete5? * Each site would need its own theme (/themes/newtheme). Then it gets less clear: * How would the dashboard sitemap be organized? Would each "site" be a subdirect…

E-mailing form contents

I created a form and setup my e-mail address to have the contents sent to me but never received anything. Is there something I have to enable?

TinyMCE changing "&" to "&"

Hello, I'm trying to use the TinyMCE editor to embed a flash object (its an Mp3 player). I can open the editor, then go edit the HTML source, and paste in the code. The problem is that my swf file needs to have some config vars passed to it, and they …

Internal Server Error?? Installation?

Hey, I am having a problem installing concrete5. After I hit the install button I get a 500 Internal Server Error??? What is causing this, what can I do? Thanks, Nik.


Any suggestions as to the best way to show a breadcrumb to let users know where they are within the navigation. Preferably in a format that looks something like this: Top Page > Sub Page > Sub-sub page

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