custom 404 "page_not_found" page

Hello, What is the easiest way make custom 404 "page_not_found" page"? Theme does not contain a custom error page. Error page should include a wallpaper, text and a search function.

Emails from Forms

Hi I am at my wits end here. I have two forms on site, one a contact page should send an email to two addresses. One is an entry submission form, should send an email to the entrant. Neither thing happens. Both forms are gathering records I can see them …

Connect a conversation to an specific express entity

Hi. I'm playing around for the first time with Concrete and Express. I have made a express entity design with corresponding standard forms. I have come so far that I have a list of entities and I have them linked to a detailed form page. That was kin…

Emails from forms

I have the Formify add on that in use to let people enter writing contests, so they make and entry and pay a price via paypal. As part of the submission they should get an email to say thanks of their entry. I get an email saying an entry was submitted bu…

login on 8.5.1

When i login i get a red error text saying "Invalid form token. Please reload this form and submit again", however i am actually logged in. Anyone else experiencing this?

Any solutions suggestions

I have just installed Concrete5 5.8.1 and seems to pull up this error when I try to login. I have cleared the cache but the still error seem to appears. Any help welcomed.

Not able to edit site.

Not sure how to start this conversation, however my site is functioning, but using C5 8.5.1 will not allow me to edit site (as if in process of up dating or no administrator access). Very unusual and frustrated since I was planning of launching tomorrow. …

Alternative file manager?

Updated from an older version to current. Got immediate backlash from clients about the file manager and how tedious everything is. I have to agree... things that took 1 click now need 3 or 4. I mean, most searches need a file set and nothing else set... …

Attribute window hidden

I've inherited a Concrete 5 website, for some reason the options don't show up, when trying to change page details. I can't change the title of the page.

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