Multiple "Blogs"

I want to have multiple blogs with blog entries. I have setup two blogs, and made blog entries beneath them in the sitemap (they are inset in the gui) but all blog entries show up on all blog pages. Is there a way to designate them as only showing up in o…

sub domain

I have created a duplicate of a site that was developed on the root domain. I created a new database and user and installed C5 then copied files. I made sure cache was off and cleared. It worked fine, i just had the re-build sitemap as when i tried to …

Upgraded to 8.5.4 And edit tools on layouts dont work!!!!

The tools for Edit Area Design, and Edit Layout Design is not function. Nothing happened when i clik on the edit tools!!!!!! Not in any browsers!!... I am helpless without this is function, i cannot do shenges in layouts -nothing!!!!!!!!!

Image won't upload

I've just tried to upload a JPEG file for a product and it comes up with the progression bar saying that its uploading but never actually uploads. Then when i try to go back and refresh it comes up with the screen (image attached) can anyone help?

noob question - table editing - changing a link

Hi, simple question perhaps to those in the know but I've only recently started to use Concrete5 and my FAQ/'how to' file seems to be for an earlier version so some functions and buttons etc. are different. I'm needing to replace a file link with an ex…

Issue with image slider

I have an image slider in my website header section and it works but on all of the pictures past the first one, there is this white dot that appears at the upper left corner that pushes everything down a few pixels. This is very annoying and was wondering…

Website is shown but cannot edit pages

The site shows up OK. If I login as admin I can get to the dashboard. But if I logout or use the sitemap to view any page I get an 'unexpected error' that tells me 'An error has occurred processing this process'. (Google translate from error message in du…

Upgraded to 8.5.4

And now! The tools for Edit Area Design, and Edit Layout Design is not function. Nothing happened when i clik on the edit tools!!!!!! I am helpless without this is function!!!!!!!!!

Delete records from report by age

Only entries older than 42 days may be deleted. I only have the option to delete everything. Which file do I have to change so that the entries from the report "Entries" only deletes records that are older than 42 days. Thank you for your hel…

cID numbers replacing canonical page names

Someone got into my site and now all navigation is lost (showing cID numbers instead of canonical names). Is there a way to remove all of these cID numbers and return to canonical designations listed in page properties.

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