Deleted files showing up in Google Search

I have taken over the "administration" or our company's intranet which is powered by concrete5. The previous "administrator" was our MD who sadly passed away last year. I am therefore looking for some advice as a complete numpty when it comes to understan…

Add existing pages to new language

Could someone please explain me how to get some existing pages I have to a new language/translation? See screenshots attached. I want the pages under "Producten" to be also under "Produkte" in the German translation. Thank you.

Advanced Permission error in page attributes

All users in group administrators (except superadmin) get this message when trying to acces the attributes of a page in sitemap: [code]Zugriff verweigert. Details /homepages/20/d310593786/htdocs/relaunch2019/updates/concrete5-8.5.0/concrete/controlle…

8.5.2 can't add any block to the main area

Hi, I'm new to C5 and the forum so thank you for any help or suggestions. I can't add any block to the main area of a new full page but get this load of errors instead. Tried to add a text block and a simple gallery and a html area. Always get this err…

Basic mistakes in concrete5

1. z-index error. image properties under add blog entry 2. Css error. After sending the file, the system does not mean that the file is ready. How it is and how it should be attached in the picture. Green marker not show.

Admin picture

Hello, the admin's office and the login background display an image from Flck'r. How to personalize the image by choosing an uploader in the files of the site? Thank you

Login redirect on page_forbidden

I've tested the page_forbidden single page which works fine when logged in as an admin. However, when a guest views the page it redirects to the login page. Someone else had the same issue 9 years ago:…

Remove a package

I installed an extension by mistake. I do not see how to simply delete it without all of it being a hunting dog.

SQL Error during picture search

Hello I try to use Concrete5 8.5.2 and the picture block. When I add this block and try to find a picture (enter a picture name in the filter field) I get this error: [code] An exception occurred while executing 'SELECT f.fID, fv.fvDateAdded FR…

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