Trouble editing Sitewide Header

Hello! Today while editing my site I accidentally dragged an element from my bio page into the header and am unable to undo the mistake. I attached a photo of what has happened. I cannot figure out how to edit the header, it looks like the bio elemen…

Need Help: Approval Window won't go away

Hi All, I'm at just about my wits ends. I have two pages that whenever anyone lands on it, it has a partial window at the top like its asking for a version approval. I can't seem to do anything to make it go away. Any ideas?

PDF Viewer

Hi, When adding a pdf file with the pdf viewer, I get this message : "Use of undefined constant external_url - assumed 'external_url' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)" Is it because I don't fill the external url box ? But what …

remove "built in..." under concrete5-8.5.2

Probably that question was ask before, (and i try some hint but no change) the site is base on concrete5-8.5.2 and Template is Stucco Business Theme I can not get the footer "Built in....." remove from the page I errase from footer.php

How change Portfolio image size

Sorry my question is probably stupide (too obvious) (but I am french :) I have a site under stucco template. and I would lige make the portfolio image size smaller (stucco thumbnail Grid). but i dont find how / where change the diplaying size

default mail address

i've read info on this link and it seems completely out of date: I don't have a file called concrete.php in my application/config folder. My files are called:…

Maxmind GeoIP2 policy changes

If you're using the free "Geolocation with MaxMind GeoIP2" package (, then the recent policy change by Maxmind will affect you. Here's the full announcement: https://blog.maxmind.c…

Download File message showing on Google search

Good morning everyone I am modifying an existing website at the moment and have a really basic question. I have changed my websites php settings, so that google searches show up not only the website, but the sub headers (contact, team etc). This see…

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