Upcoming deveoper training at UK-friendly times!

Hi everyone, I wanted to mention that we'll be doing an upcoming Developer Track training session next month and we're running the training a little earlier than usual. It'll end up being 3pm to 5pm for London / GMT on Tuesday afternoons from October 1…

concrete5 UK LinkedIn group

concrete5® in the UK could do with a community of developers/supporters enabling growth in its uptake, a UK voice and a group to aid end-user support. I've created a LinkedIn Group (closed group for the moment - given that some of the others have been ab…

Any UK Meetups Get Off the Ground?

Hi - Just moved back to UK after being in the USA forever (most recently in Portland, Oregon for 3 years where I had pleasure of meeting the C5 core team). Did any UK meet ups get off the ground and are there any in France or Spain?

concrete developer required UK

We are looking for a UK based concrete 5 developer who can help us with an increasing workload on a project by project basis. We design and spec out the sites and need help with set up and transfer of files from a dev server to our servers.

just saw job post on twitter

gavinleone Gavin Leone @concrete5 Hey, C5ers, we're lookin for full time php devs in UK who do C5 asap - is that you? jobspec: jellyfish.co.uk/jellyfish/php-… #c5jobs

UK based C5 freelance programer wanted... URGENTLY

Hi we need a C5 programmer to be 'on call' as it were for projects we get where they require a little more php or js knowledge than we have here. We are able to do most things but urgently need to find someone for a couple of projects we have to do some …

Glasgow/Edinburgh meetup?

Hi Guys Would love to set up a meet up for any C5'ers in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Shout out if you are from there/interested. Cheers Chris

East Midlands Meetup

Hey all! After the success of the first UK Meetup down in London, I'm now starting one in the East Midlands - Leicester city center to be precise! Date: Wednesday October 12th Time: 7pm onwards Venue: Phoenix Square, Leicester, LE1 1TG For more…

Promoting Concrete5 in the UK

Hi UK C5ers, I am trying to think of ways to promote Concrete5 in the UK and would like to know peoples thoughts and suggestions. I have started by adding a review on the British review site http://www.reviewcentre.com/ as it is a place where users …
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