Modify Tony's Mailing List to Send Text Messages



$3,000 and under


Just some Additional Functionality

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Skills Involved

  • PHP Developer

Company Description

Garis Graphics offers managed website services.

Project Needs

We have Tony's Mailing List Add-on, and we want to modify it to add the option to send text messages through an SMS gateway. The gateway has an easy api that really just sends emails using the format. We are already collecting phone number through registration.

Other Comments

We are looking for a quote for this project, and would like to move forward ASAP.

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
do you have a way to look up their gateway, api wise?

This doesn't seem that hard, getting the gateway through reverse lookup might be an issue.

If not, then you can use one of several services that sends legit sms messages, but those will cost you a bit, like Twilio.

jgaris replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Scott,

We are open to any service provider. We were thinking something like Clickatell, here is there API information:

But I will look at Twilio, that sounds fine too.

Jordan Garis
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
well clickatell and twilio have pretty nice apis, they're all about the same.

Twilio even provides a php class so you don't have to write that, then you just hook it up.

Given that I am not that familiar with the inner-workings of the app, I'd say with the correct data in place this seems like it would best be done hourly.

If i had to offhanded guess without looking at anything I'd say its a less than 5 hour problem, how much less, I wouldn't know without actually just getting the go ahead and doing it.

jgaris replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is another one we looked at:
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
This has been completed.

4 hours for anyone wondering.
jincmd replied on at Permalink Reply
I would like to purchase something which integrates twilio with c5, is there anything?
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
I did the work to do this for this post, please contact the poster and
maybe you can share the code or buy it from him.
jgaris replied on at Permalink Reply
Scott did a great job on this for and I would be willing to share it. But it hasn't been kept up to date with each version of the mailing list, so it might need to be updated to work with the latest versions of concrete5 and Tony's mailing list. I will check on the version it's currently based on tonight and post back here. You can see if you are still interested.
jgaris replied on at Permalink Reply
Here is the version info from the package:

protected $pkgHandle = 'tony_mailing_list';
protected $appVersionRequired = '';
protected $pkgVersion = '2.0';

I obviously can't provide the entire package since it's bundled with Tony's Mailing List which is a paid app. But I would be willing to donate the modified files back to Tony to include in future versions.
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
The code to work with was great and it was very OO methodology small methods and such as one would expect from Tony, so porting it over shouldn't be that big a deal to upgrade. I really like his code.

The end result with Twilio ended up being really cool and there were maybe around 180-200 lines of mods to introduce including ui into the package as I had handled it at the time.