What is Karma?

Karma is what you get for helping the concrete5 community. Some actions (like having your post chosen as an answer or sending us a new user through your referrer link) automatically give you Karma points. Other activities (like hosting a meetup or sticking a sticker somewhere) are things you have to submit a Karma request for us to know about.

Once a week, we hold a raffle for exciting prizes. Every Karma point you earned that week will count as a single ticket, and we'll randomly pick some winners to get free add-ons.

Upcoming prizes include:

How you can help concrete5

So you're ready to roll up your shirt sleeves and help. There are three basic types of help we could use:
  • Promoting concrete5 - This is huge for us, the more people who learn about concrete5, the better off we'll all be. Write a blog post, demo concrete5 at your local PHP meetup, tell your friends and help us spread the word.
  • Helping the community - Our forums are full of people asking questions, if they don't get fast answers they'll move on to a "more active" project in a heart beat. Mark meaningful threads as Helpful. Pick an answer to the threads you start, and spend a little time helping people who know less than you in the forums.
  • Development work - We've got a roadmap of tweaks and additions that we'd like to make to the core and if you're a developer with time to contribute we'd love to give you some direction. We also have all sorts of content related to-dos on this site, so if you're not afraid of a little production work let us know.
We strongly encourage you to think up new ideas and let us know, but here's a few ideas to get you started:

Something for the Community

Did some Development Work

Liked Something

Bug Tested

Liked Something

Referred Someone

Bug Submitted

Picked an Answer

Addon Review

Helpful Thread

Download Referral

Referrer Signup

PRB post

Demo Referral

Sticker Picture

Valid Bug Submitted

Passed a Certification

Showcase Submission

Added a Site to the Showcase

Official Answer

Add-on/Theme Approved

Posted a Review

Wrote a How-To

Hosted a concrete5 meetup

Demo'd at Event