Last Winners

Helping Karma Help Winner

hutman hutman won a copy of the Ad Server add-on on January 23rd!

Promoting Karma Promotion Winner

cssninja cssninja won a copy of the Login Redirect add-on on January 23rd!

Working Karma Work Winner

JohntheFish JohntheFish won a copy of the Randomizer add-on on January 23rd!

Current Standings

The next drawing will take place at Friday, January 30 at 1:00 pm EST . The people with the highest karma points in each category below will take home a prize!*.

Note: Those who've won in the last 35 days are excluded from winning again.

Promoting Karma Promotion

1 fudyartanto 1,000
2 HostCo 450
3 cannonf700 275
4 mnakalay 250
5 DeWebmakers 225
6 200
7 200
8 marticps 175
9 Tony 150
10 12345j 150