Just for clarity sake, I'm pulling things identified as "TBD" out and listing them here:


  • Marketplace integration & news flow. We've got some comps for how in-site shopping would look that we're still not 100% on. We've got some comps on how we might integrate news from newsflow.concrete5.org and statistics from your own site. All interesting and the right track, none of it needs to be decided until we're closer to ready with 5.7 and which point we will start to revisit how concrete5.org will work (where this stuff is served from anyway).
  • Gathering posting and overlay comps. Right now we've got the ability to make a page from a gathering block, and some comps that imply you might be able to interact with a tile that came from a 3rd party feed. I've been imaginging that automatically creating a page through the Gathering once people were interacting with it, but its not very clear in my head yet. 

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