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5.5.1 still does not allow a thumbnail & wysiwyg editor image

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having a dashboard single page where the intended sequence of inputs is a thumbnail image followed by a wysiwyg editor...attempts to add images to the wysiwyg content area fail if a thumbnail has been selected already.

This is a serious problem for applications such as ProBlog, ProNews, and ProEvents. And an issue that has been identified and requested for well over a year now.

PLEASE...I respectfully I urge you, to fix this as soon as possible.

There's not anything I can do from an application standpoint. this is a bug in the core helpers.

If you would, please take a look.


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grovesk replied on at Permalink
Hi Chad - Have been using your product for a while. Thanks.

Is this why ProEvents detail pages won't show thumbnails? Or is this unrelated? (I stumbled across this bug report while researching).

mrnoisy replied on at Permalink
Hey Chad, do you know what the workaround in the core is? I'd love to fix this on one particular site, even if it involves hacking core files.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink
I don't. Javascript is not my strongest suit. And this is a TINYmce / FilePicker JS issue. The core team really needs to take this one on. I encourage you all to send Andrew @ C5 messages to get this fixed.

It's been an issue for well over 2 years now.

The work around is to simply chose your wysiwyg image before your thumbnail. the two work together in that order, just just the other way around.


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sql.safe_mode - Off
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pcre.backtrack_limit - 100000
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