Can't delete a pagetype when no pages use it...

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When I try to remove a pagetype that is not being used it say that I can remove pages that is in use...

But I have tjecked using the page search to see if any page use the pagetype and none does.

I have also tjecked if some was not approved and that might cause the problem, but all is approved.

So I guess there is a bug here...

Kind regards

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h4rdc0m replied on at Best Answer Permalink Reply
Hi Brian,

I had this once. You should go to the sitemap and check the 'show system pages' option.

Then remove the pages in the !Trash folder.

Afterwards you can remove unused page typed, with the exception of the default type
Brian1961 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the tip!

You are right - It worked...

But maybe it would be a good feature to have som information on the page search about some pages using it in the trashcan under systempages.

It would have helped a lot ;-)

// Brian N
h4rdc0m replied on at Permalink Reply
Should be easy enough to add some extra explanation. I'll look into it next week if I get a chance.
Kresten replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi - Just a addon to the solution,

Remember to Remove Composer Drafts pages if they use the pagetype you want to delete.

Kind regards
fslayer replied on at Permalink Reply
Removing the composer draft let me delete the page type, however it would be nice to actually know what pages are using the type instead of a cat and mouse game of deleting the trash, clearing the cache, or going through endless pages to see if they are for some reason using a page type.
Kurieuo replied on at Permalink Reply
This has my vote. I'm still unable to delete a page type. Bad enough I have to trawl through my pages, but then to think I have to go through all the versions...

If C5 if good enough to detect, then surely it could provide a list of pages and versions the page type is used on?

Probably just an oversight, but definitely something needed.
abra100pro replied on at Permalink Reply
Just for the records and until concrete5 can handle page types in a better way:

If you cannot delete a Page Type:

- Go to Full Sitemap > show system pages > emtpy trash (by clicking on it)

- Go to Automated Jobs (Intelligent Search) and run the job that removes old page versions. Do it several times until is says something like: "finished, will start from beginning")
cjramki replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks a lot... this is so help full to me...
rayjohn66 replied on at Permalink Reply
I also had to go to each page and in versions select "old versions" and delete. Now that I'm checking some other pages I see I have a lot of junk in there. I ran the automated job a dozen times but still have pages of old versions on some pages.
psd2concrete5 replied on at Permalink Reply
Easy way to delete PageTypes from database....

Open Phpmyadmin --> Go To "PageTypes" table
--> Select your unwanted "PageType" and click on "Delete"

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