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Link nesting/closing bug when non-admins put toolbar into 'editing' mode

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Just submitted a pull in Github:

Spotted that non-admins (or, rather, editors with edit access to pages but not to access the dashboard) were having alignment/incorrect icon issues on the live search field when editing a page. Turns out that the <a> link wasn't being correctly closed for people without full dashboard access, causing the <a> to encompass the search field on the right hand side of the toolbar. Basically pushed the search input field down and right a good number of pixels and added a button highlight and incorrect 'edit' pencil icon to the search field area.

A little off-putting and could cause weird behaviour with javascript and CSS due to the dodgy nesting and JS triggers on incorrect elements.

See attached for example.

Fixed in the pull request above.

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Andrew has merged in GitHub! Closing.

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