Uploaded file as part of form submission is displayed in email as integer, not file link

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If a form block contains a file upload field, when the form is submitted the notification email contains an integer where the file link should be. On inspecting the code in controller.php it appears that this integer is a file id of some sort.
                $answer=intval( $tmpFileIds[intval($row['msqID'])] );

Ideally a link to the file would be displayed, rather than the file id. The file id not helpful to an end user. It is possible to retrieve the file from the Form Results dashboard, however the email submission approach is preferred by the client.

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thobruk replied on at Permalink
In addition, the last question's answer is echoed in the uploaded file's id number. This is due to an unset '$answerLong' variable containing the value from the previous iteration.

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