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File Set tracking

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Just heard from one of the Admins that works on our site, saying help! I need to re-create a set that was inadvertently deleted. If Concrete's main page creation, updates, etc. has version control (i.e. you can go back to a particular version/date), why don't File Sets? We do understand that individual files have versions as well



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andrew replied on at Permalink
Not everything in concrete5 is managed in versions. This is an interesting idea but since file sets are really just containers for files (and files are, as you mentioned, versioned) the value of having file sets versioned doesn't seem very high to me.
kdyer replied on at Permalink
It is OK that you closed this.

However, It would make sense that we could back-up and/or version a set of
files.. That way, if things are changed we can go to that set. I have a
couple of sets that are over 100 files and becomes a bit of a headache to

Thank you,

Kent Dyer

The success in your dream is not in doing something complicated
andrew replied on at Permalink
That's a cool idea. At one point we were kicking around the idea of
"content releases", which was basically version control for a group of
content (like pages, etc...) If/when we get around to doing this I
think a group of files would definitely have to fall into this
category as well.

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