Broken Edit Mode, Can not Edit Page

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I have a custom template, which I use for fancy_zoom image block(has occurred in more then this block) that appears site wide.

It has a link which is displayed, I wanted to remove this link but doing so disables my ability to edit the page in which this block template appears.

This has happened before, but I have only just tracked it down,

In order to get around this for now I am having to use if(isEditMode) to be able to get my page to be re-editable, I can then keep the link on the page but only display it within Edit mode not ideal but a solution

I am also able to make the changes, rename the template, and then use the new template without issues.

Its only after editing an existing template and then re-editing it.

The offending code is this example is

<a href="<?php   echo $fileName;?>"  rel="text-link" class="fancy-button enlarge-button" title="<?php   echo $controller->altText; ?>">enlarge image</a>

I Kept thinking I had done something wrong but I should be able to remove a link from a template and still retain the ability to edit the site?

**By unable to edit the site I mean, when I highlight the divs in edit more, which are still dotted red, the div does not highlight with the grey overlay.

Links become clickable, images become zoomable.

Am I doing something wrong? or can anyone else confirm this is a bug?

I have done some more digging and as is always the case after posting, I think I have found the cause not being able to edit the page, but believe the bug still stands,

I have used the

$v->addHeaderItem('<script type="text/javascript">$(function() 
               \'transitionIn\'   :   \'elastic\',
               \'transitionOut\'   :   \'elastic\',
               \'speedIn\'         :   600, 
               \'speedOut\'      :   400, 
               \'titlePosition\'   : \'inside\',   
               \'overlayShow\'   :   false
               \'transitionIn\'   :   \'fade\',
               \'transitionOut\'   :   \'fade\',
               \'speedIn\'         :   600, 
               \'speedOut\'      :   200,

Its the call to a selector which no longer exists, which seems to trip up concrete, I either need the <a href class='fancy-button'>a</a> or I have to remove the jquery call

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