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Deactivated User disappears from Members List

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After deactivating a user, the user disappears completely from the Members List (Members->Search Users). Only Active users are appearing.

(Note: If you're desperate to access a deactivated account, you can access it if you know their user id via going to /dashboard/users/search/view/{user_id}. If you don't know the id, time for guesswork.)

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kspitzley replied on at Permalink Reply
I have this issue as well. If I go into the Users table in the database and change the uIsActive field from 0 to 1, the user account will show up in Members and can be managed normally. But if the user is inactive, the account will not show up in Members.
andrew replied on at Permalink Reply
This is the standard expected behavior. If you need to search for inactive users you can do so using the advanced search option in User Search.

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