Right-Click doesn't work in Sitemap, Filemanager

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Again, you can no longer right-click in the Sitemap nor Filemanager (sigh).

As a developer this is extremely annoying (no client-side tools available), and a client today wanted to view 2 files in different windows side-by-side. To do so you have to go back to scratch in the Filemanager (forget how many pages you were into it, or search you had active) in a new window. They were not impressed.

I cannot imagine this with a large sitemap, I mean really, you have to go back there everytime and start over again to visit another page???

This and the image bug I just posted has stopped me from using v8 - not anywhere near ready for release (including a major problem getting the Click to Upload to respond). Many of these things DO NOT NEED AJAX...

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pixelhero replied on at Permalink Reply
I can reproduce.

Why not hold shift or cmd (mac) down when clicking on the Visit link to open in a new window? Its quicker than right clicking to open in a new window to do what you're saying.

Its not a fix, but its a quicker solution that works in the meantime.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
There's no reason it should be happenning (again) and it break accessibility - not everybody has 2 hands, or an available one

Disabling my context menu also makes some developer tools completely unusable.

Back to working with 5.7 ...
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree the right click is needed.

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