Export CSV for Normal Form Block Not Working

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It seems that when you create a form using the normal Form block and choose New Form option (rather than from an Express Entity), the form gets created and everything works just fine.

However, in looking at the Express Object that was created when setting up this Form block, there is no Plural Handle created for the object.

When you go to the Reports page and look at the forms, when trying to download a CSV file of the entries, you get a file with a name (this is the full name) of csv. There is no file extension or name of any kind.

The CSV code appears to be looking for the Plural Handle to use to create the file name with the .csv extension. Since there is no plural handle, it comes out at NULL.csv and somehow when it id downloaded, the beginning dot goes away leaving just csv.

If you manually rename that file to something.csv it opens and all of the data is in it.

By going into the Express Object and manually adding in the Plural Handle, the CSV export works fine, with a correct file name and .csv extesion.

Can the Form block be edited to automatically create the plural handle of the form name ?

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