Multilingual "Home" not possible to include in autonav

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first let me thank you for this wonderful product.

The only problem I've in the moment is, that in a multilingual setup I can only include home in the navbar at the original language. For the additional added languages, home is not shown as excluded from nav - but will not show up in autonav. The original language is still showing up.

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webpresso replied on at Permalink
I can confirm this.
andrew replied on at Permalink
This is the default behavior currently – even when using the autonav on a non-multilingual site. The home page isn't included in the autonav.
rkahl replied on at Permalink

that is correct.

But for a non multilingual site or even for the Default language in a multilingual site I can go to Page Settings -> Attributes and remove the "Exclude from Nav" attribute and home will be shown in AutoNav. For the second language, the attribute is not set, but the page is not shown in AutoNav. Even toggeling the attribute does not help.

Best regards
simpit replied on at Permalink 1 Attachment
Hey guys,

I stumbled upon this bug as well. I don't know why you did mark it as resolved as it is not... The homepage still does not show up. For my current page this is particularly tedious, as I have a very special custom navigation template. The template lists the links belonging to the home page in a particular section on the left side of the menu (see attached screenshot). To do this I use $ni->isHome. This works for the default language (which is German in my case). Of course I did expect this to work the same for all the other different languages but it does not, as the home pages of the other languages are not even listed... This is very confusing. Please fix this! At the moment I'll probably have to use a very ugly workaround.

Chazmus replied on at Permalink
Yep don't know why this bug is marked 'resolved' definitely still an issue, and having to use a not-very-nice code workaround.
goesredy replied on at Permalink
haeflimi replied on at Permalink
dimger84 replied on at Permalink
skau61 replied on at Permalink
I confirm
roihu replied on at Permalink
I'm just confirming this

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