PageList block - 404 error with $view->action()

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I want to customize the PageList block (with an additional search bar which requires a new action).

In my BASE_URL/application/blocks/page_list/view.php, I have:
<form class="form-wrapper cf" action="<?php echo $view->action('customised') ?>" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

The generated form action URL seems correct: BASE_URL/page/customised/{bID}

In my BASE_URL/application/blocks/page_list/controller.php, I have:
namespace Application\Block\PageList;
use Concrete\Block\PageList\Controller as PageListBlockController;
class Controller extends PageListBlockController{
public function action_customised($bID = false){

The extend is working since I can add other functions which work.

But for an unknown reason, I always get a 404 error (Page not found) when I submit my form with the defined action (BASE_URL/page/customised/{bID}).

I have also tried to call a default action found in the "page_list" controller... I also get a 404.
I have also tried to duplicate the view/controller to the "content" block and... everything is working fine!
It seems to be related to the "page_list" block (at least).

Thank you in advance for your help!

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