Swapped variables in remove_old_page_versions job. (version 8.3.2)

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I was just running the remove_old_page_versions job, and noticed that it seemed to be returning an incorrect message upon completion. I looked at the php file, and noticed this section:

//i18n: %1$d is the number of versions deleted, %2$d is the number of affected pages, %3$d is the number of times that the Remove Old Page Versions job has been executed.
        return t2(
            '%1$d versions deleted from %2$d page (%3$s)',
            '%1$d versions deleted from %2$d pages (%3$s)',
            implode(',', $pagesAffected)

The $pageCount and $versionCount variables are swapped, so instead of saying for example "x versions removed from 3 pages." it always says "3 versions removed from x pages." It also seems like $pageCount is passed twice, but I don't believe this should be the case?

Minor bug, but still figured I'd report it, since I didn't see it in any existing bug reports.

Status: New

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