The 'Search File Folder' Permission on a Folder does not override the system file permissions

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The sites we build in C5 have lots of users/site editors and to avoid people from deleting files that other users have uploaded we take advantage of the File Uploader permission where users who are not an admin or super user can only see the files they upload which works very well.

We thought it would be useful to share certain files in some cases so we created a "Shared" Folder and set permissions that allow users who are not an admin or super user to be able to view the shared folder and files, where typically they would only see the files they upload.

The issue is when we set the "Search File Folder" permission on the folder this is supposed to allow users who are assigned to custom groups (Editors Group) to be able to see the shared folder and view files it contains. The folder does appear as expected, however you cannot access the files within the folder, when you click the shared folder the file manager displays a blank window that says error (see attached).

The only way we can allow users who are assigned to custom groups to view the files is by adding their group to the the 'Search File Folder' permission that lives /dashboard/system/files/permissions - but when you do that now the users see all files which is not what we want.

We only want users who are assigned to custom groups to be able to view the files they upload (File Uploader permission) and be able to access the shared folder and whatever files within the shared folder.

Our understanding is when you assign the 'Search File Folder' permission on the folder it should overwrite the system file permission which is doesn't. We've tested this in v8.2 - v8.5 and are pretty confident this is a bug.

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