Bug in sitemap.xml generation for multilingual websites

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Hey there. I just found that concrete5 sitemap generation has a small bug in multilingual websites. In case that you set the "exclude_sitemap" atrtibute to true in a copied page(by copied i mean a page not of the default locale), it still comes in sitemap.xml. So the system ignore this. Has anyone the same problem?Or can someone else check this?

In my opinion the OR check in populateLanguageAlternatives() function must change to an AND check in order to respect "exclude_sitemapxml" attribute of related pages (Or better say the whole canIncludePageInSitemap() function).

Otherwise it seems that the system allows every related page to be in the sitemap just because it exists without checking if canIncludePageInSitemap functions retrurns true.

Pull Request:https://github.com/concrete5/concrete5/pull/8457...

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