Possible bug and solution for not showing file usage

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So I am facing a issue that for few of the images in file manager it was not showing the file usage. After a bit of research on site found that the images used using image block are showing up the file usage where as images used inside the conctent block are not showing file usage.

On further research found that if image is using style having width and height inside it are not tracked
for e.g <img src="/image1.jpg" style="float:left; width:320px; height:240px;"> this image will not be showing usage

but if we change it to
<img src="/image1.jpg" style="float:left;" width="320" height="240">, than it will start showing the file usage.

Can any one help me to find a solution so that it tacks the images using width and height inside style

Thanks and Regards

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