concrete5 in Your Language

concrete5 is currently available in more than 20 languages. It is translated by a group of passionate volunteers. Running concrete5 in another language is easy. Here's a list of just the most recently completed languages, for a full list and to get involved visit transifex.


Download a Pre-Translated Edition of concrete5

Check to see if a special, customized version of concrete5 exists in your language, by checking our worldwide community groups page. If it does, download the customized concrete5 build from their site and install it. There is no step two.

Install a Language Pack into regular concrete5

If a special customized version of concrete5 isn't available in your language, you can download a language file directly and install it into your concrete5 installation.

You can download the appropriate language matching your concrete5 version below.

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Once you've downloaded the ZIP file with the translations, you have to extract the file in the root of your website. The ZIP file contains a folder called languages where all the translations can be found. So, for instance with Italian, you'll have the file /languages/it_IT/LC_MESSAGES/

If your website is running a version of concrete5 prior to 5.4.2, you'll need to add a reference to this language in your config/site.php file. Add this line of PHP code to it:
define('LOCALE', 'it_IT');

If you're running concrete5 5.4.2 or greater, you can make this change through the dashboard. Login to your concrete5 installation as an administrator.

Visit , or navigate to Dashboard > System & Settings > Languages. Prior to 5.5, visit or navigate to Dashboard > Sitewide Settings > Multilingual.
The language you downloaded should appear as available in the default language dropdown. Select it and save your selection.

Help translate concrete5

Please remark that not all translations are 100% ready. Here you can find a chart that reports the current translation progress.
If your language is not listed in the available ones, or if it is not fully translated, why don't you help us translating? Just ask on Transifex!

Follow-up information

If you're looking for more information about the translation system, have a look at the following how-tos: