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5.7.2 Release Notes

5.7.1 Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes

5.7.0 Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes

5.6.3 Release Notes

5.6.3 fixes a large number of bugs, improves the functionality of stacks, introduces an even stronger password encryption system, and includes all nearly-complete languages by default (so they no longer require a separate download.) Release Notes

A small release with a couple important bug fixes for upgrades and older PHP installations. This is a recommended upgrade for all users of 5.6.2.

5.6.2 Release Notes

concrete5 5.6.2 features a new job queuing engine and many bug fixes. Release Notes

This point release fixes an error loading styles in custom themes, and a few other small bugs. Release Notes

This point release fixes some upgrade issues with 5.6.1 and a number of minor issues.

5.6.1 Release Notes

This update for concrete5 makes concrete5 much faster, fixes bugs and some minor security issues. Release Notes

Highly recommended update for concrete5.6 that fixes a number of bugs and some code vulnerabilities. Release Notes

A maintenance release for 5.6.0. This update is highly recommended for all users of 5.6.0.

5.6.0 Release Notes

concrete5 5.6 features a completely new advanced permissions system, a framework for workflow, upgraded stacks, a responsive dashboard theme, and much, much more.

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