Database Library

concrete5 uses the ADODB Database Library link to connect to its database.

Accessing the Database Object

Developers can access the database object (and perform any ADODB-specific functions to it) from within any functions or classes simply by running the following command:

$db = Loader::db();


The $db object returned in the above is an ADODB database object. It supports all ADODB library commands.

A few additional database methods are available from a generic concrete5 Database wrapper class. The following methods can be called statically on that class:


Returns an ADOSchema object for use with the ADODB Data Dictionary functionality (link to the relevant ADODB data dictionary documentation.) 


If $debug is set to true, all database queries will be displayed within the page. If set to false, they will no longer be displayed.


If $logging is set to true, all database queries will be logged into the adodb_logsql table in your server's database.

Connecting to Other Databases

Developers are able to switch active database throughout a session with a simple command

// This query runs on the original concrete5 database
	$db = Loader::db();
	$db->Execute('select * from TestTable');
// Load another database for some reason
	$db = Loader::db( 'newserver', 'newuser', 'newpassword', 'newdatabase', true);			
	$db->Execute('select * from TestTable2');
// return to the original db session
	$db = Loader::db(null, null, null, null, true);

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