Managing Your Site

Change anything easily

in-context editing you just point and click to write or add functionality. You can build out new pages easily. Use your site tree to manage the structure of your site, or move, copy or delete any page in your website. The file manager takes care of all the images and documents you use throughout your site. Connect your site to the community to get more blocks and themes. 

Design Your Site

Look how you want

You can try out themes and override styles without writing a line of code. If you’re comfortable with HTML/CSS it is very easy to build your own theme for concrete5. If you know PHP, some custom templates will let you override the way any block looks. 


Develop Anything

A framework for web applications

If you haven't already installed concrete5, you might want to take the time to watch a developers introduction on how it all works. It's important to not just think about pagesblocks, and attributes - but also how you might approach application development with single pages


4548OS_Concrete_5_Cookbook.jpgconcrete5 Cookbook from Packt

If you want examples of real-world projects explained from top-to-bottom, you'll find excellent approaches to buidling with concrete5 inside this awesome book from Packt Publishing!






Beginner Developer's Guide from Packt

Are you already comfortable with PHP and just need a good developer focused beginner's guide? Check out this awesome book from Packt Publishing on concrete5!





1646OS.jpgCreating concrete5 Themes from Packt

Looking for a practical, hands-on guide for how to create powerful concrete5 themes? Want to make a mobile responsive site? Check out this awesome book from Packt Publishing on concrete5!