In-context editing will make your life so much simpler, no matter how comfortable you are with technology you'll never know how you lived without it before. That being said, there are some advanced things that need to happen on websites that have nothing to do with a specific page. If you're looking to manage users, view reporting data, add themes or functionality, tweak sitewide settings, etc - you want to use the Dashboard and do it from there. There's a link to your Dashboard on the right hand side of your in-context editing toolbar. When these docs are referring you to some place in the Dashboard, we write it like this "Dashboard > System & Settings > Permissions & Access > File Manager Permissions":


What's in the Dashboard?

Every concrete5 site has the following areas in the Dashboard:

  • Sitemap - see your whole site tree at a glance. Also make new pages quickly or make bulk changes quickly. 
  • File Manager - used every time you want to upload or pick a file or image, this is a centralized area to manage all the assets your site uses. 
  • Reports - Server logs for emails or errors as well as the results of any Form or Survey blocks you add to the site are kept here. 
  • Users and Groups - Add & manage users, groups and registration settings for your site. 
  • Scrapbook - When you need to have some centralized content, you manage it from here. 
  • Pages and Themes - Apply a new Theme to your whole site, and define the types of pages that are used as well. 
  • Add Functionality - Connect your site to the Community to automatically download and install add-ons or themes through this interface. 
  • System & Maintenance - Settings for your whole site. 

If you are hosting your site with us at concrete5, you will also have a Server Support tab here that lets you change your billing information and map a domain to your site. 

When you install add-ons on your site, they may add tabs to this interface as well. For example eCommerce has a its own tab where you manage the products available for sale on your site. 

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