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Missing global scrapbook

One site I'm working on doesn't have a global scrapbook, only the personal scrapbook for my admin account. Any idea how to recover the global scrapbook? I'd like to place some items once on every page and not have to edit each one.

Can I add a Sidebar (group of blocks) to Existing Webpages?

I have several blocks that I'd like to add to a sidebar on all existing pages of a website. I watched the video, but I seem to be missing the last step . Does this still work in the current version of C5? Or, is there a work-around? Thanks! Alan

Changing block order in scrapbook

How can I change the block order in the Scrapbook? I am using the tabbed content add-on for press releases, but when I add a new one, it ends up at the bottom of the list.

Accessing a Slideshow from my scrapbook

I am trying to add a previously created slideshow to a page. I have saved the slideshow in my scrapbook but cannot paste into a block on my homepage...