File Permission Errors: How to spot and fix these errors in Linux

File permissions are easy to spot and easy to fix. When installing or moving C5, sometimes you get permission errors.


Make all YouTube embeds responsive

Custom CSS to make all Youtube embeds responsive (including in edit mode). I chose to make it override every single YouTube embed, because I can't remember the last time I embedded a video and didn't want it to be responsive.

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Redactor Part 2: Enable Font Size, Font Color and Font Family Plugins

How to enable the font size, font family and font color selector plugins in redactor and also a fix to the inlineRemoveStyle that doesn't work in Concrete5's redactor .js


Add Undo,Redo,Superscript, Subscript to Redactor Toolbar

Redactor has some functionality which is only available using keyboard shortcuts by default. This how-to shows how to add buttons for undo, redo, superscript and subscript to the toolbar;

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Enable Database Based Sessions on 5.7

How to enable database based session storage in concrete5.7.

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5.7 database insert/update

concrete5 5.7 stopped using ADODB and uses DBAL instead. if you are building an addon/ or you need to know how to update or insert something into your database more securely with special characters ability. this how-to is for you!


Logical OR filtering for multi select attributes

A quick general helper function for logical OR filtering of multi select attributes for user lists, collection lists , file lists or custom lists.


Get an addon or theme ready for the marketplace

An addon or theme that works beautifully and obviously for the developer may not be robust, easy or user-proof enough for the marketplace. Here are some of the common technical issues.