Get ecommerce product name and description for use in custom blocks

Get ecommerce product name and description within a custom block on product_detail page types.


Check prerequisites before installing a package

During package installation, check prerequisites and prevent installation if prerequisites are not met.


How to run multiple concrete5 installs on a single core (Apache vhost config)

If you run multiple different concrete5 sites on a same Apache server, do you want to save the disk space? Here is how to.

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Changing parent page, & keeping old child URL's active

If you need to change the name/url of a parent page, all old child page urls will automatically redirect to the new parent page url. This shows you how to easily get around this problem by adding a single line of code to your .htaccess file.


concrete5 5.7: Add-On Development, Part 2

Now that you know how to prepare your add-on's backend code for 5.7, let's delve into the user facing stuff.


concrete5 5.7: Add-On Development, Part 1

Enough is changing in concrete5 5.7 that add-on developers will have to go through a little bit of work to make their add-ons work with the new code. It'll be worth it, and this guide will help you get started.


Internationalization Add-on and a Home page for every language!

Get the Home page back for every language with some mod_rewrite rules. Goal is to have a landing page with a selected "Home" in the autonav


Load template specific assets

When a block has a number of different templates with associated jQuery plugin requirements, use the template name to intelligently load just the assets required.