Record the page ID in form responses

When you use the same form block across multiple pages, knowing which page a response was submitted from may be important.

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Missing and hard to find pages on

With each redevelopment of the site, some old favourite pages get relegated to places that are hard to find or even excluded from the navigation. Here are a few of them.


Using a Custom URL Attribute for External Redirection

While this how-to can be applied to any situation where you might need a permanent external redirect (301) from any page within the site, I am writing this specifically for a redirect to google+ business page.

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Third party assets in packages

Include third party code libraries and other assets in a concrete5 package.


Getting the URL for a block or package tool

A quick refresher on building URLs for tools files in blocks, packages and the root /tools directory.


Get ecommerce product name and description for use in custom blocks

Get ecommerce product name and description within a custom block on product_detail page types.


Use Bootstrap Tabs in frontend theme without an add-on

This how-to will show you how to use custom attributes and a custom page type to integrate Bootstrap Tabs into your website's theme.


Check prerequisites before installing a package

During package installation, check prerequisites and prevent installation if prerequisites are not met.