How to add a third party library to a package using Composer in 5.7

Use Composer to declare your dependencies and download a third party library for use in your package. This example will use Stripe PHP.

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Creating a Full screen Header Image for the Anitya Theme

Creating a Full screen Header Image for the Anitya Theme is simple, but it doesn't involve the Header Image block as you might assume on first glance. Here's how to use your awesome image as a page header.


Add a Font Face kit

Use a .ttf or .otf file to create a font face kit for your website.

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Override (almost) any core file in 5.7

In 5.6 we always had the possibility to override any class in the core. How can we do this in 5.7?


How to manually upgrade concrete5 (5.7)

Although concrete5 features an auto-updater, there is also the option to manually upgrade a site to a new version through some simple steps. The video in this how-to demonstrates how to perform a manual upgrade on a typical server.


Making Elemental themes image slider title and description responsive

The default theme delivered with concrete5 5.7.x has a nice image slider, but on smaller screens it's title and description font sizes are not scaled down and thus cut off. Here you can see my aproach to solve this.

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Objective ways to print images in 5.7

How to use \Concrete\Core\Html\Image class / How to get thumbnail of the image


Replace the default font in the Elemental theme

Switch the default Google web font in the Elemental theme to another font.