Get block path from block controller

This How-To describes how you can get the path to your custom block from within the blocks controller.

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How to copy the Elemental theme to use as a base for new themes

Create a copy of the Elemental theme as a new theme called Test.


Adding Redactor custom styles in a theme (content block)

For those who might be interested in how to add custom styles to Redactor.


How To - Using topics and the topic list block in concrete5 5.7

A breakdown of Project Topics in the Elemental theme.


How to use the color picker widget in concrete5 5.7 blocks

A quick rundown on how to use the color picker widget in concrete5 5.7 block forms. A working Color Picker Examples block is included with this How To.


Concrete5.7 Add PageList Block Programmatically to Page

In this tutorial for Concrete5.7 we will programmatically add a PageBlock to a C5 Page. We find this useful for packages where we have a SinglePage and we want to load an Area with a PageList block. The page can also be a regular C5 Page based on a PageTy

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Windows IIS7 Pretty URL

If you want pretty url on windows IIS7 then you need web.config file in your server as .htaccess not working on IIS7. Replace '[' with '' create a web.config file Add to root directory enable pretty url

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How to check if you are in edit mode or not

If you are building a concrete5 addon or customising the theme. you might have to check if you are in edit mode or not. There you can use global $c; if ($c->isEditMode()) { //////Do something//////////// } else { //////Do another thing/////////