Demo Page for Dashboard Addon

If you have developed a dashboard addon and you'd like to serve a demo site, you'll need to protect your dashboard.

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Add new entries to the "Social Links" Dashboard page

When clicking on "Add link" in the "Social Links" Dashboard page there is a dropdown with possible social link entries like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Here I'll show how to add other links with the example of StackExchange.


Add more fonts to the Redactor-Plugin "font family"

This How-To is for adding fonts to the Redactor plugin "fontfamily" in a package. The original fontfamily plugin just adds a dropdown with a few fonts.


How to change the default "site name :: page title" formatting in 5.7

Change the default " :: " separator to something else.


Session Handling in Concrete5 5.7

In 5.6, we could use $_SESSION but in 5.7, there is a built-in session class from Symphony.


How to set a custom login page background image in 5.7.5

Change the default photo of the day login page background image to a custom background image of your choice.


How to set the minimum and maximum ranges of style customizer sliders in 5.7

Change the default values for the block and block area custom style sliders.

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How to add a third party library to a package using Composer in 5.7

Use Composer to declare your dependencies and download a third party library for use in your package. This example will use Stripe PHP.